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Why A Portrait?

My mother used kid me and say, "this is the best you are going to look for the rest of your life". Of course, it turns out she was right. I spent so much time hiding from cameras that I don't remember what I looked like when I did look my best. Don't make the same mistake.


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In many cases, photographs are the only biographical material people leave behind after they die (Boerdam, Martinius, 1980).

Ragdoll Kitten
  • Ragdoll Kitten
    One of several kittens photographed for Indian River Ragdolls. You can see more of these adorable kittens by clicking on the photo.
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Most of us get so busy with our everyday lives that we often discover years later, and, sadly, far too late, that we have failed to capture time in one of the only ways possible, by means of a professional pet portrait. As a life-long pet owner and lover I understand the importance of these unique relationships and have the skill and sensibility to capture them so that they live forever. Whether it is a portrait of your pet alone or as part of a larger family portrait, I will create a memory that will last forever.