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jerry arnoldAbout Jerry Arnold The Photographer

As a child and then a young adult I was always envious of people born with artistic talent. You know the type. When we were finger painting in kindergarten, there was that one kid who was drawing recognizable pictures of their dog spot; a couple years later when we struggled through a little classroom exercise in drawing, they were sketching the classmate sitting across the room. That was not me. Give me a ruler and a pencil and I still couldn't draw a straight line. Then a psychologist friend of mine told me that people who aren't gifted with innate artistic abilities but feel a need to undertake artistic endeavors have two choices: photography and cooking. Both are recognized as art forms yet require skills which can be taught and honed over a lifetime without the need for God given talent. So, for the past 30 years I've pursued both with great passion.

I began to seriously study photography in 1998 after selling Surf Line, a company I had started in 1985 and grown to one of the most widely recognized companies in surfing. I sold my first image that same year and realized that while photography would never make me rich monetarily, every image I made enriched me because of what it brought my subject: the joy of seeing themselves in a better light than they ever had before. Over the next 15 years I expanded my efforts to include architecture and food where I found the challenge of making my client's building or culinary specialty come to life on film brought me the same gratification.

My Mission Statement

My goal is to insure that every image delivered to my clients exceeds their expectations in quality, is delivered on time and on budget or I will return 100% of my fee.

I'm Just A Phone Call Or A Flight Away

Call me any time and let's discuss your particular photographic needs. I am available for travel and local assignments. Travel fees are negotiable but typically include all travel costs, accommodations, meals and daily travel rate. Locally, I travel within 50 miles of my Brevard County home at no additional charge. For distances beyond 50 miles I charge a mileage fee based upon currently published IRS allowable rates.

My fees are based upon the scope of the project and the clients needs. Please contact me for pricing.